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To build the project you have to run MSBuild against the build.proj files which can be found in the 'Build' folder. You can use the "Build (Configuration).bat" file to run a complete release or debug build.

After a successful build you can find the result in the 'Delivery' folder. This folder contains everything you need to use the NHibernate.BusinessObjects.

The Build Solution

There is also a Visual Studio solution in the Build folder. Open this solution if you want to modify, add, or remove build files. Unfortunately, Visual Studio doesn't integrate MSBuild very well, so running one of the build files requires additional effort. Fortunately, you have to do this effort only once.

To use MSBuild from your Visual Studio solution, please follow these steps:

  • In the main menu select 'Tools - External Tools...' Visual Studio 2008 - External Tools
    • In the dialog set the titel to 'MSBuild (Debug)'. You can add a second entry with 'MSBuild (Release)' if you like.
    • In the Command field enter the path to the MSBuild.exe. On a typical system this should be 'C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\MSBuild.exe'.
    • Set the arguments to '$(ItemPath) /p:Configuration=Debug'. '$(ItemPath)' will be replaced by the full path to a .proj file. '/p:Configuration=Debug' forces MSBuild to create a debug build.
    • Add '$(ItemDir)' into the initial directory field. This will be the path to our build folder and all paths used within the build files will be relative to this directory.
    • Select 'Use Output window' to receive all MSBuild mesages in the Visual Studio Output window otherwise, a console will be startet. I prefer the latter since the output is colored.
    • Click 'OK' to save the changes.

  • Now select 'Tools - Options...' from the main menu. In the Options dialog select 'Environment - Keyboard'. Visual Studio 2008 - Keyboard Options
    • To set a filter on the list of commands enter 'Tools.ExternalCommands' into the 'Show commands containing' field.
    • Select the appropriate command you want to assign a shortcut to. If the MSBuild has been the sixth entry added to the external tools list (as in the exsample above) select 'Tools.ExternalCommands6'.
    • Set the focus to the 'Press shortcuts key' field and press the shortcut you want to assign to the command, e.g. 'Alt+B'. If you have added to entries for the MSBuild, one for debug and one for release, you could assign the shortcuts 'Alt+B,Alt+D' and 'Alt+B,Alt+R' accordingly.
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  • To run a build, select a MSBuild project file (.proj) in the Solution Explorer and press the shortcut.

Building the sample

To build the sample, run the MSBuild against the Build.proj file in the 'Sample/Build' folder. The build output will be copied into the 'Sample/Delivery' folder.